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lisa thinks she's hot shit cause she's a sociopath
  • This film was incredible.

    I’ve always had a weird obsession with natural disasters and watch sooo many documentaries on tornados and hurricanes and earthquakes and tsunamis. When I was a kid and the boxing day tsunami happened I was in my best friends house because boxing day is her birthday and I have a terrible memory but I remember clearly sitting crossed legged infront of the tv in her old living room just watching different news channels footage. I don’t know why but I was so fascinated with it. At school my geography teacher had a big wall of pictures and news clippings and I was pissed that my seat was at the other side of the classroom. At the end of class I used to edge over to the wall casually as possible and try read the articles without anyone seeing because I thought it was really lame to be interested in something like that. 

    I really regret not taking geography as one of my higher subjects.

    But hey I might find myself down that road at some point in my film and media degree?